Daniel Cliburn, AFC
April 1, 1971

Very early in life my parents noticed my artistic side and
have always encouraged it.  My first love of drawing was
dinosaurs, then sharks, then deer.  The years went by,
and as my art became more and more detailed, I was
more and more in need of good photos for my own
personal style of art.  

Of course, I love the outdoors and always came home
talking about all that I saw, so my wife (fiancée at the
time) surprised me on my 29th birthday with a really nice
35mm camera.  It was quickly put to good use building
piles of reference photos for years of art possibilities!  

With help and encouragement of family and friends, I
finally started to take my artistic ability more seriously
instead of just a hobby.  
I’ve only scratched the surface of the never ending
potential of art.  With all the intricate and miraculous
gifts of life God has blessed this earth with, I’m quite
sure I’ll never be bored.

At age 33 my wife and I became the very blessed
parents of our first child, Danielle.  She has really
motivated me to do more with my God given talents.  I
want her to have the best life possible.  I look very
forward to sharing the love of art with her and watching
our creative side blossom together.              
Cell: 404-245-5151     Phone: 770-385-1367       email: danielcliburn@bellsouth.net
Address: 35 Ashley Way, Covington, GA 30016
Copyright 2007
Wildlife Artist
On March 29, 2007, I presented
Governor Perdue with a giclee signed
and numbered print of "Fence Line
Covey."  I am told it is now displayed
in the governor's mansion.
The Ruffed Grouse Society asked me to
do the artwork for their 2008 print of the
year.  For more information on the original
or prints contact the Ruffed Grouse

I also offer artist proofs of this piece
as of 2009. Edition size is 50. See
Giclee gallery.

1st southern artist to do print of the
year for the R.G.S. !!!                               
Around Christmas this year, my wife and I
will be the proud parents of
children! As you can imagine with a five
year old, eight month old twins and the
fourth on the way, time to paint is hard to
come by. In an effort to have new
paintings available on a regular basis, as
well as being able to satisfy a larger
audience, I will be using a different style
for many of my future works. I will offer
more landscapes, but wildlife and their
preservation will always be a major factor.
Please check my site regularly for new
originals. I am very excited about this and
hope to finally be able to paint many
scenes from the photographs that I take
on a daily basis!
Daniel Cliburn
Update 2008  Words can not describe how great it has been
having our little girl in our lives, she is truly a ray of light for
the entire family. We are now very excited to announce that
as of October we are a household of five with twin girls,
Hannah and Sarah!!!
7-17-09 My 1st experimental painting
using new style(new for me). I think I am
really going to enjoy this!
             7-24-09 Secluded Isle
              9-9-09  Dream Maker             
 This original has been donated to the
Catch-A-Dream Foundation. It will be
auctioned on Sept. 15th at the
fund-raising banquet at the Coweta
County Fairgrounds in GA. For more
information call 770-301-4647 or go to
Original is 18" x 24" Acrylic on canvas   
 Giclee prints are available.                   
 Edition size is 95 per size plus seven
artists proofs.